Hot Tub Enzymes: Friend or Foe?

Recently we have been getting many clients contacting us regarding the use of enzymes for their hot tubs & spas, specifically when using iONRX®. Although enzymes are somewhat new to the scene of hot tubs and spas, they have been used successfully in the industrial world for many years. So, lets first start off with “what are enzymes” that are used in hot tubs?

What Are the Enzymes in My Hot Tub?

Enzymes are proteins that are biological catalysts, they speed up a chemical reaction, but are not broken down or changed by it. They lower the amount of energy required for a chemical reaction to take place.  What this means is that enzymes arrange organic substances (on a molecular level) to make it easier for chlorine to act on them, avoiding chlorine “burnout.” Chlorine burnout occurs when the point at which chlorine can no longer effectively sanitize and the addition of shock is required. It is essential that you have the safest hot tub treatment solution on the market, preferably one that allows for the use of less harmful chemicals like chlorine.

Now it is important to understand a simple principle of how enzymes work: enzymes do NOT react with living bacteria, so they will NOT disinfect your hot tub or spa. The primary use of these enzymes is to transform carbon-based organic waste in your spa and hot tub. They specifically seek out non-living organics found in water: body oils, sweat, dead skin, saliva, mucous, urine, feces, sunscreen, environmental organics, etc.  to assist the chlorine from “burning out.” This means you will still need to use a sanitizer and have an oxidizing agent when using enzymes.

What Are Hot Tub Enzymes Used For?

Enzymes are really an incredible piece of science. They are used in industrial wastewater and septic systems very successfully, but in our experience, they are not a great fit for hot tubs and spas – where sanitation and clarity of the water are of utmost importance.

In regard to using enzymes with iONRx®, the hot tub enzymes are no longer beneficial. iONRx® is not subject to “burnout” like chlorine, so enzymes do not affect the sanitizing ability of iONRx®. They also do not replace the need for an oxidizing agent. Additionally, it is our experience that iONRx® may actually disrupt the action of enzymes making them ineffective.

Contact our team to chat with one of our knowledgeable, experienced team members. We strive you provide you the best possible hot tub and spa experience which includes understanding the science behind all the treatment solutions on the market.


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