This is How iONRx Hot Tub Sanitizing Chemicals Work:

Healthy Water For The Perfect Soak

  • Patented two-stage, ultra-low chlorine hot tub sanitizer treatment system: Treatment requires 4 oz. of iONRx per 100 gallons water and tap water levels of chlorine for the most reliably safe, enjoyable, and clean hot tub experience.
  • iONRx is not compatible with bromine or enzyme treatments. Hot tubs with bromine and/or enzymes will need to be drained and refilled. Bromine and enzymes will make your spa cloudy when iONRx is introduced.
  • There’s a BETTER, ALL-NATURAL WAY. Make your hot tub the most natural, enjoyable body of water you’ll ever experience with less work and less chemicals. Not only all-natural but maintaining your spa will never be easier! By reducing the amount of overall chemicals needed to maintain your spa, you will end up saving money. Going natural and saving money? Not a bad way to go.
  • No more burning eyes; itchy, tight skin; rashes, or coughs. We love hot tubs but not the hot tub chemical smell, feel, or what they do to our bodies.
  • Using iONRx is simple. Once per week, check and make sure your water is balanced; add iONRx, and maintain tap water levels of chlorine. That’s pretty much it! No more checking water chemistry every day.
Did you know?

iONRx® is used by municipalities, hospitals, professional sports organizations, and pools across the country.

iONRx® has been used commercially for over a decade and is now available for residential hot tubs.

Convert your spa to the most natural & healthy body of water possible!

iONRx also works great on swim spas and small inflatable swimming pools….contact us for our volume discount for larger bodies of water

  • Over 15 years of Safe Water Treatment
  • Natural, Eco-Friendly, Safe for Pets
  • Low Maintenance, Zero Odor
  • Stabilizes pH and alkalinity
  • The iONRx two-stage treatment system will kill bacteria and keep your water crystal clear.
  • Your bathing experience will be like bathing in a natural spring

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