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Nature’s Remedy for healthy hot tub treatment solution

Try our revolutionary product today. It’s so easy to use, you’ll never want to go into your hot tub without using iONRx ever again.

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Natural | Eco-Friendly | Low Maintenance | Harmless on Skin and Eyes | Zero Odor

Imagine relaxing in your hot tub without breathing in harmful chlorine or bromine gas, having your swimsuit smell terrible, or immediately having to shower right after you get out.

Our patented solution, iONRx is the first natural eco-friendly, non-toxic hot tub sanitizing solution that makes water maintenance easier than ever before.

One gallon of iONRx can last 2-3 months (based on the size of your hot tub).

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You will have the same level of chlorine in your tap water as a hot tub treated with iONRx!

Why Use iONRx?

Because hot tub maintenance shouldn’t mean handling large amounts of harsh, toxic chemicals that affect your health. iONRx is a patented solution that gives you the only non-toxic, water treatment solution that uses a Natural Antibacterial Agent to sanitize your water and reduce the use of toxic chemicals such as of chlorine and bromine in your hot tub by 90%. (We actually recommend never using bromine.)

iONRx has been given CAT IV designation from the EPA for being NON-TOXIC and is considered as safe as drinking water. Plus, since you only have to apply it once a week, iONRx is highly cost-effective compared to other spa chemicals you buy.

Cleaner, safer water without spending a fortune, what’s not to like?

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What is Free Ionic Copper?

Free Ionic Copper is a natural and highly-effective antibacterial agent. Why do they call it “Free?” Because it is not bound to any other elements and is “free” to aggressively seek out and effectively kill a wide variety of bacteria compared to every other form of copper and copper-based product.

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iONRx will keep your spa as close to tap water as possible!

Why People Love Using iONRx

“Having been a radiologist I completely understand the effectiveness of copper as a disinfectant and fully support the use of it for water. Having a wife that is allergic to chlorine-based products, we don’t have very many choices. Not only is iONRx a choice….it is the best choice! Your technology works very effectively and my water has never been clearer!

“I am so pleased with the water in our hot tub thanks to your amazing product. My swimsuits don’t fade and last longer, my skin doesn’t itch, my eyes don’t burn, and I don’t have to deal that terrible chemical smell.”

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The iONRx Difference


You can spend more time relaxing in your hot tub or spa as iONRx reduces the levels of chlorine and eliminates the use of bromine completely. Both are very corrosive and can lead to seals and equipment failing at a much faster pace. If you have an indoor hot tub or swim spa, you will notice that chlorine off-gassing is eliminated which will drastically or completely eliminate corrosion of household components, such as switches and fixtures.

Works great in all weather conditions

Our high-temperature formula is not affected by changing weather conditions and is specially formulated for the high temperatures typically used in hot tubs.

No more burning eyes or itchy skin

You can enjoy your hot tub and not have the sensation of burning eyes. Get out of the water and you will not have the dry, itchy skin caused by chlorine/bromine exposure.

Stabilizes pH

By reducing the use of chemicals and levels of bromine and chlorine in your hot tub, iONRx keeps the pH levels in your water stable.

Low maintenance

Simply apply iONRx once a week! Compare that to other chlorine and non-chlorine shock tablets that need to be added 5X a week.

Safe for Pets and Plants!

When we say harmless, we mean it! Our eco-friendly formula keeps everything you love safe and sound.

Did You Know?

  • Bromine and chlorine can cause asthma, bronchitis, and hair and skin damage.
  • 60% of chemicals that come in contact with your skin will go directly into your bloodstream.
  • Bromine and high levels of chlorine are corrosive to hot tub and spa equipment.
  • When the pH goes higher, which occurs in most hot tubs, chlorine becomes almost totally ineffective.
  • iONRx uses Free Ionic Copper, which is over 300 times more effective than any other form of copper compound.
  • iONRx has received CAT IV clearance from the EPA, meaning that it is considered as safe as water.
  • By using Free Ionic Copper in our solution, your spa will stay sanitized longer.

About iONRx

Our mission is to give you an innovative, natural water treatment product that provides a safe, long-lasting, enjoyable experience every time you get in your hot tub or spa. Our team knows the hassle and time constraints that go into everyday hot tub maintenance, not to mention that the most popular way to do it is to use harmful levels of chlorine and chemicals. The problem is that most people are unaware of what they’re putting in their hot tub and don’t think about the consequences. Many people get allergic reactions or other illnesses from excessive chlorine and bromine exposure. Not to mention, high levels of both can cause swimsuits to smell and fade, and cause your skin feels like it’s shrink wrapped every time you get out.

At the end of the day, a hot tub is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, not dangerous to our health. This is what drove us to create iONRx. We gathered a group of water treatment experts and scientists to create a product that reduces the use of all these toxic chemicals and gives you the peace of mind knowing there is a natural, non-toxic hot tub water treatment product. It’s time you stop wasting your money on hot tub treatment that is toxic to your health and sometimes ineffective! Switch to iONRx, the natural hot tub maintenance solution. True innovation in hot tub treatment has finally arrived!

The iONRx system is like driving a hybrid car – you are still using some chlorine but much less!

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