What Chemicals Should I Use With My Inflatable Hot Tub?

all natural water treatment for inflatable hot tub

We receive many inquiries asking if iONRx® can work with inflatable tubs.  The quick answer is absolutely! Actually, iONRx® is the most effective water treatment for inflatable hot tubs.  Inflatable hot tubs offer a great “test drive” for people to see if they really like owning a hot tub and can experience all of the benefits that hot tub therapy can provide. Lets first take a quick look at inflatable hot tubs to get a better understanding of what we are talking about.


Inflatable hot tubs have become an excellent option for people who don’t want or can’t afford a standard hot tub or spa, which can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. Another benefit of these hot tubs are they are not permanent, so they can be brought to whatever location you want very quickly and easily. One interesting location we have been getting good feedback, is people telling us they are installing the tub indoors, be it on an indoor patio or garage, due to the fact iONRx® does not make any chemical smell that enters the house.  People who live in a first-floor apartment building, condo, townhouse, or have a very small backyard that they don’t want to invest thousands of dollars improving can very easily transform the area into a very warm and inviting space.

Although inflatable spas offer fundamentally the same experience as a standard hot tub like warm water that is moved around with jets, they don’t pack all of the same features that are in standard hot tubs like speakers, lights, standard seating, they do provide the basic principle of owning a hot tub. One of the best features of inflatable hot tubs is the cost! You can purchase a good quality inflatable spa for $500 to $1,000, and they don’t require any special electrical hookup or wiring. All you need to do is fill it with water and plug it in. Some of our clients have told us, they actually will plug it into their generator when they take it camping! That’s great!


Inflatable spas and hot tubs are made from thick vinyl versus hard materials like acrylics or fiberglass that standard spas are constructed of. Unlike standard tubs, the pumps, heaters, and any extra options are on the “outside” of the hot tub versus built into the cabinet on a standard spa. Most inflatable spas will have some sort of a control panel with basic features that can operate the spa.  Standard spas are usually fully programmable, can play music through Bluetooth connection, mister-jets, lighting packages, and adjustable jet operation.

Inflatable spas come in a variety of seating configurations. They come in sizes ranges from a two-person to up to eight-person capacities, which would is a nice feature for people who really don’t have that much room to install an eight-person standard hot tub or only need a smaller sized hot tub for themselves.

They also provide someone the opportunity to “test the waters” and see if owning a hot tub is something they actually may want to invest into a standard hot tub.


One significant advantage and disadvantage inflatable spas have are that they do not require wired electrical hookup, they typically are just 120-volt plug in cords which is a nice feature. The drawback is that with less power comes less heating and pumping. The pumps and heaters are usually housed together in a plastic housing and should be plugged into an outlet that has a dedicated breaker for the safest operation.


One of the most significant drawbacks to the inflatable hot tubs is heating. The heaters in these hot tubs are not considered to be state of the art and have a hard time heating water in colder weather climates. You can’t expect a $400 hot tub to heat up as fast as a $6000 tub. Keeping the cover on them when not in use is a good idea. It will take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to heat the water in an inflatable tub, which is considerably longer than a standard hot tub, so in cold weather, climates could be a bit of setback. Maintaining temperature in cold climates during winter can also become an issue.


The most important component to any hot tub or spa is making sure the water chemistry is correct and the water is safe to enter. One of the biggest mistakes people make when deciding on purchasing a spa or hot tub is that people feel that just need to fill it up with water and everything is ready to go…..big mistake! Traditional methods of sanitation require a great deal of maintenance and testing. At iONRx®’s customer center, prior to switching to the iONRx® technology, we get this complaint many times a day, “I never thought there were so much work and maintenance with the chemistry of owning a hot tub”?

Sanitation is by far the most important component of owning a hot tub or spa. With inflatable hot tubs, you must be even more careful on the chemicals that you will use. The fact that these hot tubs are made from vinyl, using harsh chemicals can damage the tub in just months. Keeping the chemicals as low as possible is a good rule of thumb. With iONRx® you have the best technology to keeping the tub from premature wear and tear. Likewise, it’s a great low-chlorine option to maintain your portable jacuzzi. By keeping the chlorine level similar to tap water you will have the best chance at success. If you’re unsure if you’re using the right chemicals for an inflatable hot tub, ask us and we can help.


Although owning an inflatable spa might not be exactly the same experience as a standard tub, you will benefit from warm water therapy, which is ultimately the goal of owning a hot tub. The conversion rate of people going from an inflatable hot tub to eventually a standard tub is fairly high, so it is an inexpensive way to get into owning a spa.

By using iONRx® treatment the pleasure of owning a hot tub can become much more enjoyable with less maintenance! You get the best of both worlds when using iONRx® in your inflatable hot tub. By using iONRx® with soft tubs you will not only considerably lower the amount of time and effort into keeping the spa clean and healthy, but it will also significantly increase the lifespan of these types of tubs.


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