Directions & FAQ

Directions & FAQ2019-06-05T09:00:34-04:00

Step #1: Test Water

Prior to Adding iONRX®, you must start with clear, balanced water (pH and alkalinity). If not, drain and refill spa. Once water is balanced, begin iONRx® treatment.

Step #2: Add iONRx®

Add 4 oz. of iONRx® per 100 gallons directly to spa water every week.

Step #3: Choose Oxidizer

Choose which oxidizer you plan on using. Oxidizer is needed in order to keep your water crystal clear. See chart below for appropriate volumes.

Oxidizer Up to 250 Gallons Up to 500 Gallons Up to 750 Gallons
Trichlor Tablets (Use Floater) 1 x 1-inch Tablet per Week 1-2 x 1-inch Tablets per Week 2 x 1-inch Tablets per Week
Dichlor Granular 1 Tablespoon per Week 2-3 Tablespoons per Week 2-3 Tablespoons per Week

Dose once a week. Heavier use requires more use of iONRx.

Please Note:

  • Maintain chlorine oxidizer levels at 0.5 ppm to 1ppm. Similar to drinking water.
  • In heavier bather load, it may be necessary to add additional oxidizer and iONRx® to achieve desired results.
  • Bromine is NOT recommended when using iONRx®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my water before starting iONRx®?2019-01-22T13:47:56-05:00

Not necessarily. We only recommend changing your water if you haven’t changed the water in your tub/spa in over two months. As water evaporates in your tub it starts to raise the level of dissolved solids that can accumulate over time. These solids are not dangerous, but they make it harder for your chemicals to work properly.

Can I start using iONRx® immediately even though my hot tub is currently running on bromine and/or chlorine?2019-01-22T13:55:12-05:00

Yes. Using iONRX® while those chemicals are still present will not cause any problems and they will naturally dissipate out of the water in a short period of time.

Why can’t I use bromine with iONRx®?2019-01-22T13:55:50-05:00

To treat a hot tub or spa, you need two types of agents- an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria and an oxidizer to get rid of contaminants and keep the water looking crystal clear.
Although bromine is chlorine based, it works very differently than chlorine. Chlorine will kill the bacteria and then burn off leaving less chlorine behind. Bromine will kill the bacteria but then remains in the body of water. Something will then need to burn off the bromine that has reacted with contaminants, which is usually a chlorine based shock. This is how the water will get its clarity back when using bromine. When using iONRx®, we eliminate that whole component of using bromine. By maintaining a very low level of chlorine, similar to drinking water, combined with iONRx®, you will have the best of both worlds. A crystal clear and SAFE spa that uses almost 90% less chlorine based products.

Is iONRx® safe to handle? How do I dispense it into my spa?2019-01-22T13:48:21-05:00

YES! iONRx® is extremely safe to handle. iONRx® has been lab tested for toxicity to humans. Have you ever heard of Safety Data Sheets (SDS sheets)? The information provided on these sheets is based on independent lab testing that shows how safe any product is. If someone is not willing to show you these sheets do NOT use their product! iONRx® SDS sheets are available on our website. iONRx® has been tested and awarded CAT IV clearance by the EPA, this means that the technology is as safe to handle as water. Dispensing iONRx® is simple, use any clean measuring cup to dispense the liquid. You are able to enter the tub immediately. You can even dispense the liquid with someone in the tub.

You say that by using iONRx® my spa can be completely chlorine-free but recommend using a low level of chlorine. Why?2019-01-22T13:48:37-05:00

It is acceptable to use non-chlorine based shocks instead of chlorine for oxidizing purposes, meaning to keep the water clear, but read the instructions carefully with these products. They require a good deal of work. For example, a standard sized hot tub will require using 4 to 6 tablets of non-chlorine shock per week plus using 4-6 tablets after every use. These are their instructions NOT OURS. Although non-chlorine based shocks do allow your body of water to go without chlorine, they are still somewhat corrosive and many people are actually allergic to those types of shock as well. We are NOT against the use of chlorine, we just feel that using a great deal less of it is much healthier and safer. Our recommended method is using 1-inch chlorine tablets. This method will consistently provide a very low level of chlorine, which will effectively oxidize any contaminants. Normally you are required to use at least, 4-6 chlorine tablets per week, which not only dispenses a great deal of chlorine, but also changes the chemistry of the water, requiring additional chemicals to balance the water. Using the iONRx® treatment method you will add 1 tablet, in most cases, to the spa every week. This method will maintain a level chlorine similar to drinking water and usually does not require any balancing of chemistry in your spa.

I am currently using an alternative chlorine system in my spa now. Why is this a better alternative?2019-01-22T13:56:20-05:00

In today’s world of mass marketing and companies trying to get up and over their competitors, an educated consumer must be more cautious than ever. So buyer beware! Most of these new devices or methods are simply, repackaging the same old technology in a new method. For example, there are systems out today that claim to reduce your chlorine by “whatever percentage”, but if you look closely at their ingredients most of them contain bromine, which is chlorine based. These products will contain bromine and then some form of chlorine mixed with something like silver, producing silver-chloride. Don’t be fooled, bromine is just as harmful as chlorine! As we discussed earlier, bromine does a good job of sanitizing but does not oxidize, so chlorine has to be introduced in some way for oxidation. They will advertise the system as “chlorine lowering” but they are replacing it with bromine, which is based on chlorine. We encourage our clients to READ ALL LABELS! iONRx® is patented, which means, if anyone else tries to sell you something that claims to be a new copper-based technology, they are trying to fool you. The United States patent office is a very difficult place to get something approved. No other product has been able to harness high levels of our natural form of copper (free copper) iONRx® is the first aquatic product to feature this form of copper and you will not be disappointed!

You claim that by using iONRx® I can actually save money……how?2019-01-22T13:48:53-05:00

The need for many different chemicals for the treatment of your hot tub/spa can make it seem that the enjoyment of your spa is not worth the effort you put into it. In the aquatics business we have a slogan “with every chemical you put into the water another is usually needed to balance the water again”. Think about it, how many different products do you have for your tub/spa, probably more than you would like. The cost of all these products really adds up over time but what can you do? iONRx® is what you can do! With the recommended iONRx® treatment you will more than likely need only two things, iONRx® and small chlorine tablets. iONRx® is pH neutral and using this low level of chlorine rarely affects the pH of the body of water. Bottom line: We keep it simple by not having to add or purchase every chemical made for pH adjustment or alkalinity adjustment and everything else they can think of. We actually will not only make your hot tub/spa healthier but it will save you time and money in the long run.

Currently my hot tub foams up a great deal. Does iONRx® eliminate that?2019-01-22T13:53:09-05:00

There is no way to guarantee your hot tub will never foam up again. The cause of hot tub foam is something called “thickening water”. This could be caused by a number of factors including, too many chemicals in the water, poor quality chemicals, detergents in your clothing causing soap foam, old water that needs to be changed out. Bromine/chlorine at higher levels will cause foaming on occasion as well. iONRx can drastically reduce foaming in a hot tub by significantly lowering the chemicals in the tub.

According to your directions, the product needs be put in every week. What if I am going out of town?2019-01-22T13:54:11-05:00

It is recommended to dispense iONRx® and your method of oxidation every week primarily to keep an eye on your spa. You may dispense enough of each product for two to three weeks if needed.

I don’t really use my spa in the winter months. How can I “winterize” my spa with iONRx®?2019-01-22T13:53:35-05:00

Unless your plan on turning the hot tub off and completely draining all of the water from every part of the tub, which we DO NOT recommend, there is really no way of turning the tub off during the winter months. If you want to lower the temperature down and keep a healthy environment in the spa we recommend following our weekly dosage rates. You may dispense up to four weeks at a time during the months the temperature of the water has been lowered and you do not plan on using the spa. If you plan to use the spa on occasion during these months it is good practice to maintain weekly service on it.