Can You Use Household Bleach for a Hot Tub?


One of the most frequent questions we receive is “can I use household bleach, like Clorox for my hot tub”? Although this might seem like a good idea and you might be in a pinch because you ran out of your current sanitizer, the answer is no. Household bleach is made from chlorine but it is much different then products that are specifically designed for hot tubs and spas.

What Is the Difference Between Liquid Chlorine for Pools and Household Bleach?

Many pool professionals and home users will use liquid chlorine to treat their swimming pools. Household bleach is the same chlorine that is used for swimming pools, but the liquid used for swimming pools is at least THREE TIMES stronger than household bleach. This would mean you would need three times as much household bleach than you would traditional liquid chlorine used by pool professionals. The strength of the liquid is not the only reason you should never use household bleach in your spa or hot tub. Below are just some of the reasons you should not use household bleach.

  • Household bleach is not stabilized chlorine. It could burn out very quickly under sunlight.
  • Chlorine that is not stabilized will not work effectively in disinfecting water.
  • Liquid chlorine has a very high pH (13) which you will have to address with more chemicals.
  • Is very corrosive that can harm the surface and equipment in your spa or tub.
  • Can “bleach out” your clothes and possibly your hair!
  • Will cause a great deal of odor in your hot tub, especially if you put in scented bleach by accident.
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) will increase quickly. TDS is basically how old your water is, like rings on a tree.
  • You will really have no instructions on how much to use.

The list can go on and on.

Take Hot Tub Sanitation Seriously

It is very important that you take the sanitation of your hot tub or spa VERY SERIOUSLY! Bacteria and many other bad things love these types of environments. When making the decision of how to treat your hot tub or spa you will want to make the most informed and right decisions. Water will have a tendency to buffer out when too many chemicals are put in or if the water is old. The term buffering, in simple terms means the water is becoming resistant to change. This can be very detrimental when you are trying to sanitize your water. The more chemicals you put into your spa or hot tub will make your buffer “counter” keep climbing.

By using the iONRx® method of treatment will not only ensure your water is being treated properly, it will allow you to maintain the lowest amount of chemical “involvement” to your spa or hot tub, which will slow down that buffer “counter”. Most importantly the quality of your water will simply feel like bathing in natural spring water.

Try iONRx® today – Nature’s remedy for a healthy hot tub treatment solution.


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