My water looks clear, so what’s the problem? It’s what you don’t see that can be dangerous

Since the launch of iONRx we have received incredibly positive feedback on how well the technology has performed on spas, hot tubs, and swim spas.

When we decided to start formulating iONRx we wanted to completely change the way people treat their spas. Most new hot tub owners are shocked by how much work the chemistry side of owning a spa or hot tub can be. With traditional chemical treatment, like bromine, the water must be tested every few days, which I am sure everyone didn’t think was in the plans! The main concept is simple; less is more. The least amount of chemicals that you can put into your spa, the better!

clear water in hot tub

Our test kit is a great way to accomplish lowering the amount needed for proper levels and reducing your costs. This kit is specifically designed to test for the free copper ion, which is what makes iONRx work! Don’t be fooled, dip strips and other copper kits will likely give you false readings. The kit sold on our site has been fully tested by iONRx to be a reliable method to test for the technology.

Now you may be able to cut back on how much you dispense into your spa after the first month. We highly recommend that you stick to our dosage guides for the first month. The important thing to remember in regards to dosing is usage. Similar to how much gas you use in your car or chlorine in a swimming pool, the more you use it the more you will need. This holds true with iONRx for your spa. If you don’t use your spa very often, maybe once a week, you should be able to cut back after a month or so. If you enjoy using your spa once a day or more, then you will want to invest in the test kit to ensure you have the proper amount of iONRx in the spa.

The main concept is simple; less is more. The least amount of chemicals that you can put into your spa, the better!

George Loucaides

Getting that out of the way! Recently, we have been receiving many inquiries from clients that have been using the technology for a few months, asking if they are able to cut back on the iONRx for their hot tub? They explain to us that the hot tub looks crystal clear and they are not having any problems and feel that it is no big deal and think they can skip a week or two or four and the spa still looks great.

Big No No!

Although the spa might still look great and there is no smell….it’s what you don’t see that can be dangerous! It is very easy to see that your spa is cloudy and understand something in the filtration side of things needs to be addressed. Or if your hot tub is foaming like crazy you know something needs to be done. But, if a bacteria develops in the spa, you may not notice anything different until you have a real dangerous issue developing.  Preventing bacteria from forming is MORE important than getting rid of a bacteria that is already present. As the famous saying goes, “It will be much better to be proactive than reactive”. In the world of hot tubs this saying holds very true. You might think it will be a good idea to save a few dollars and skip adding iONRx into the spa for a few weeks because it still looks great, but one of  our most important benefits is how it protects your health “behind the scenes” and keeps your spa safe to use day in and day out.

Now, we are not trying to scare any of our users, but it is important to maintain a safe level of iONRx in the spa at all times. It does have an ability to build a residual in your spa but it is important that you keep enough of a residual in the spa that will maintain a good and safe level of protection. Unlike chlorine and bromine, the free copper ions will stay in the spa until they are used up or when you get out of the spa a small amount may be taken out. Obviously the later is very little, but every little bit counts.

In conclusion, it is possible to cut back on the amount you will need after the first month, but don’t be fooled, just because the spa looks nice and clear does not mean that everything is healthy. Compared to other treatment methods, iONRx is relatively easy to use and ultimately, cost effective compared to traditional chemical methods.

If you have any questions regarding this topic feel free to contact our certified team or call us at 877-591-5930


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