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Over 20 Years In All-Natural Water Treatment

Although iONRx® is a relatively new product, the basis of the safe water treatment technology has been tested and proven for over twenty years. In 1996, our president George Loucaides started a small water treatment company that emphasized treating water in industrial applications using principals of physics without the use of harmful chemicals.

The thought of treating industrial water without chemicals was considered very difficult and completely out of the box. Through persistence and proving this style of water treatment one application at a time, he was able to perform over two thousand installations in just a few years.

In the early 2000’s George’s father, a former general electric engineer and his business associate developed a copper-silver ion generator. Their design was completely revolutionary and showed that this technology could be implemented on a consistent basis. These initial pieces of equipment were being installed on HVAC cooling towers to treat biological contaminants in these systems. George began distributing these systems and applying them to industrial applications in order to sanitize the water being used.

The technology performed extremely well in these challenging environments, so George wanted to try to apply it to swimming pools, in order to provide a safer and more satisfying bathing experience for everyone who goes swimming.

Researching the Safest Possible Water Treatment Solution

In 2007, George decided to move to southwest Florida and study how these systems would work on swimming pools. Without any real experience with swimming pools, George needed to determine just how swimming pools worked and operated. He dove into the swimming pool industry head first.

Working with a local pool builder for two years, George received his certification for pool operation and pool construction from the State of Florida. He learned how swimming pools were built and how they operate, and he was able to apply the innovative silver-copper ionizers and treat them with only minimal chemicals. In this way, George was able to get his first customers.

Soon, George’s little pool company started to grow in Southwest Florida, so he convinced his brother Greg to join him and help work the business. Their small company called, Healthy Choice Pools, grew very quickly in a very short period of time. Healthy Choice Pools is still in operation in SW Florida today!

With the growth of the business, it soon became apparent that installing these ion generators became a difficult and time-consuming task. Here is a link to our first commercial with a testimonial from our very first customer using AquaCop!

Utilizing Free Ionic Copper – the Basis of iONRx®

Although George witnessed just how well this technology could work with this application to provide his customers with a vastly improved bathing experience, the limitations became increasingly apparent. The technology required difficult installation, electricity hookup, continuous monitoring, and there was no way to monitor how many ions were being generated.

Early in 2009, George began to tackle this problem using an engineering mindset and applying principles of physics and chemistry to develop what became the prototype version of AquaCop, the basis of the iONRx® technology. Using an “out of the box” approach, George began capturing high concentrations of free ionic copper in a water-based solution. This is something that previously was believed to be impossible. This is the basis of our patented technology. There is no other technology in the world that is like ours.

In late 2016, George’s brother Greg purchased a hot tub. After initially starting the hot tub with the traditional Bromine with chlorine shock treatment, they noticed that the hot tub had a definite odor to it and the maintenance was much greater than advertised. Shop now at Amazon.com

The Safest Hot Tub Treatment for the Whole Family

George allowed his children to go and have some fun in the tub. After only a few minutes his children were complaining of the smell of the chemicals, they were used to swimming in an AquaCop swimming pool, and they asked to get out. Upon departing the hot tub George’s wife noticed that their oldest daughter was developing hives and was scratching herself.

Once again, George went to the drawing board and decided to alter the AquaCop formula for warm water applications for hot tubs, spa’s, and swim spas. After roughly eighteen months and multiple long-term field tests, iONRx® was developed!

Contact our team of experts if you have any questions about how iONRx®! Our water treatment professionals are here to help you achieve the safest, most enjoyable hot tub experience possible.

iONRx Has Been Tested and Proven to Reduce Chemicals You Use in Maintaining and Sanitizing Your Hot Tub or Spa.

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