Alternative Hot Tub Water Treatment Options: Pros & Cons

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At iONRx® we receive multiple inquiries about how our technology “stacks” up against other products that claim to be alternative hot tub water treatment methods for hot tubs, spas, and swim spas. This question is asked many times at the retail stores that carry iONRx®, but it is a little more difficult to answer online. We will discuss the different approaches companies try to take on alternative treatment methods and then discuss how iONRx® is not only different but superior to these other methods including some that involve high levels of harmful chemicals.

Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment

These types of alternatives come in either a granular, tablet or pillow forms. These products are sulfate-based and are also known as MPS (monopersulfate).  They can provide oxidation for hot tubs, but do not provide any type of antimicrobial treatment. Many people believe that because these products are considered non-chlorine, they are safer for you, but the amount of product usually needed to obtain optimal results may become unhealthy as well.

Mineral Sticks, Cartridges, and Combo Cartridges

The mineral stick or cartridge method of hot tub water treatment has been around for a few years. These products are designed to release ions into the water through a process known as ionization. These products claim to produce “ions” through a catalytic process. What this means is that as water passes over these mineral pellets or beads, made of silver, copper, and other materials not disclosed. During this process, they claim to slowly release some of the material these beads are made of into the water. These products are very inconsistent for various reasons. First, you have no idea how much they are producing or even if they are producing anything. It is very difficult to test and see if they are producing any material. We have actually seen people take cheesecloth and fill the bag up with pennies and put the bag into the filter housing. You may think they are crazy but doing this is pretty much the same principle because there is copper in pennies. There is NO oxidation with this method. The combo cartridges that are available on the market today will combine levels of minerals, bromine and a chlorine-based oxidizer that claims to keep water treated and clear.

Copper Algaecide-based Products

There are several products on the market today that claim that they are using copper ions for treatment of the water. ALL of these products are using the same product, copper-sulfate. Copper sulfate has been used for many years primarily for algae blooms in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water like swimming pools. You may have seen copper sulfate in a lake or pond that has a very blue or green dye look. Copper sulfate has a great ability to reduce and eliminate algae but does very little for any bacteria killing applications. Companies that sell these types of products are doing a great job of marketing and you can purchase any copper sulfate-based product and they will primarily be the exact same product you will find at any pool, pond, lake supply store.  Also, you must be careful in handling these products and make sure if you make contact with them on your skin you must take appropriate action in making sure you do not irritate your skin.

Salt-based Systems

Salt systems have been around for a few years for swimming pools and are now making their way into the hot tub and swim spa arena.  In the marketing of these systems, they claim that you will “not have to put chlorine in the pool”, which is true, but you are making chlorine in the pool! These systems electrolyze the salt that is dissolved in the water. What this means is that they are dividing salt into Sodium and Chloride, essentially generating chlorine. The water is softened as with a water softener, but you are swimming in a chlorine-based body of water, not like swimming in the ocean as they try to claim!

Ozone and UV

Ozone and UV systems have been used in hot tubs and spas for many years. In principle, these systems are very good and provide chemical-free treatment of water, but there is a problem. To install a properly sized UV and/or Ozone system that will provide adequate treatment of your water you may need to spend almost as much as your spa or hot tub costs. These systems are great ancillary devices to have but should not be counted on for primary treatment. They leave no residual sanitizer in the water.

iONRx® Hot Tub Water Treatment Solution

Although iONRx® is copper-based, the copper we develop is far different than anything on the market for any application, so much so we were awarded a patent by the US patent office, which means the technology is ours and nobody can copy it.  iONRx® contains ZERO sulfates, which in chemistry terms, is very important. As we described above, virtually every copper-based chemical product for water treatment contains sulfates. The form of copper these products contain is called total copper, which binds the copper to the sulfate very tightly not allowing the copper to be free to move and “work”. What makes iONRx® special, and patented, is that it contains free copper which makes it the safest hot tub water treatment solution on the market.

Free copper is what it says, free, meaning it is free to move around and do its work. Free copper is extremely rare and has never been made at high concentrations and kept in a stable condition. Scientists believe that free copper is over 100 times stronger antimicrobial than regular or total copper products. Another benefit to iONRx® is that it is completely safe to handle. iONRx® has been given CAT IV designation by the EPA which means it is considered as safe as water. This allows you to use iONRx® as a low chlorine option to maintain your hot tub, which majorly reduces the number of harmful chemicals.

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