Simplify Hot Tub Maintenance with Advanced Copper Kit

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This kit is for people who have been using iONRx for or about 4-5 weeks. That is the necessary time for enough copper to build up to a level you can test it reliably. If you are new to iONRx, we recommend buying one of our starter kits or buying the gallon and using your own oxidizer. Once you’ve used iONRx at the recommended 4oz/100 gallons for a month without any issues, you can start testing your water to scale back on how much iONRx you need to use.




One of the benefits of copper is that it doesn’t evaporate out like chlorine or bromine. After you’ve been using iONRx for about 4-5 weeks you can measure how much copper is in your hot tub and adjust for only what you need. We look hit .25 ppm. It is safer to err slightly on the higher side than the lower side. The copper test kit comes with instructions and a color guide to help you on your way.

A few important notes:

We work hard to make sure the test kit chemicals are fresh, as this can impact results. If you purchased your kit someplace else and it doesn’t seem to be working, try testing iONRx at full concentration. If it doesn’t change color then you have a problem with your test kit. Many kits out there are not fresh and thus inaccurate.

It really does take 4-5 weeks for the iONRx to start building up. If you’ve only been using it for something like to 2-3 weeks, please give iONRx another few weeks. Of course, if you’re still having problems, we’re here to help!