Why Does my Skin Feel Dry After Getting Out of the Hot Tub?

Bad News: Harsh, toxic chemicals and bacterial overgrowth is whats causing your dry, itchy skin. Not pleasant, but the truth.

Good News: iONRx is the only all natural, safe as tap water hot tub treatment and will make all your dry, itchy skin problems go away. Guaranteed.

Have you ever been sitting in your hot tub just soaking in the warm bubbles and wondering, can life get any better than this? You feel so relaxed but then suddenly after you get out, your skin starts to itch and gets dry, what is the deal? Why does my skin itch after getting out of the hot tub?

Dry and itchy skin occurs after being in a hot tub because of two reasons: Chemicals and bacteria. If you own a hot tub then you’re no stranger to using chemicals. If you aren’t careful with how many you put in or how often you clean your hot tub, a common side effect is skin irritation. If you’re looking for the quick answer, then we have a spoiler for you, the answer to your problems is iONRx and ditching the high levels of Chlorine and any Bromine.

Why do I itch when I get out of the hot tub? and What does chlorine actually do to my skin?

One of the big culprits for dry skin or itchy skin rash after being in a hot tub is because of traditional sanitizers chlorine and bromine. There are a lot of bacteria that can live in warm water and one of the best ways to kill these bacteria is to use chemicals like these. The amounts of chlorine and bromine used in hot tubs is much higher than the chlorine used in pools. If you find your self having dry, itchy skin from the pool or even pool chlorine causing a rash, then the hot tub is definitely going to cause a problem.

One of the problems with using these chemicals is they are known to be skin irritants and contain salt compounds that dry out your skin. There have been many studies that have shown chlorine water irritates the skin because it destroys fatty acids and Vitamin E in the body which are essential for keeping your skin healthy. Therefore many people with dry skin diseases like eczema use Vitamin E antioxidant supplements and fatty acid oils such as flaxseed oil to help with their dry skin.

How can I help reduce skin rash or irritation after being in my hot tub?

There are a few things we recommend helping you avoid itchy and dry skin or chlorine rashes. If you use chlorine or bromine to clean treat your hot tub water, you may notice that your skin has that lovely “chlorine smell” to it and that’s because you are still covered in chemicals. One of the best ways to get rid of these chemicals is pretty simple – take a shower! After you get out of a hot tub, be sure to shower in the very near future and thoroughly rinse off so all those chemicals won’t irritate your skin.

A Better Way to Clean Your Hot Tub

Now, you may be thinking, “if using sanitizing chemicals like chlorine and bromine cause skin irritation, why do I keep putting these in my hot tub, is there a better way to clean my hot tub?”

We’re glad you asked! There is one safe water treatment solution that helps reduce up to 90% of the use of harmful chemicals and is safe for your skin. That solution is the revolutionary iONRx – The first eco-friendly, non-toxic solution hot tub cleaner and low chlorine option.

No More Dry, Itchy Skin with iONRx

iONRx® is a patented solution that uses Free Ionic Copper to help reduce the use of these harsh chemicals. It works best with a low amount of chlorine (same amount found in drinking water) to clean your pool and wipes out using bromine completely. By drastically reducing these chemicals with iONRx®, the side effects of high levels of chlorine and bromine are minimized if not eliminated. This means no more itchy/dry skin, that awesome “chlorine smell” on your skin, faded swimsuits, constant showers, and costly maintenance. Simply apply iONRx® once a week and your hot tub is ready for relaxation.


If you want a safer, cleaner hot tub without the fear of dry and itchy skin, then you must get iONRx® today! To buy it for your hot tub and to learn more, shop now.


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