How do I clean the filters in my hot tub?

Imagine you had a long day at work and all you want to do when you get home is relax in your hot tub. You go to get in and notice right away that your water is dirty, which means you need to clean your filters.

To any hot tub owner, cleaning the filters shouldn’t come as a surprise. The filter’s job is to keep your water clean by keeping air and debris from coming into the pipelines and damaging your pump.

Signs that your filters need cleaning:

  • Water looks cloudy
  • The “LOW FLOW” warning is showing up on your control panel (This could be they need cleaning or possibly replacing)
  • The flow of the water around the tub just doesn’t seem as strong as it was before
  • The temperature of the water is not at desired setting due to low flow
  • A large amount of foam is on the surface of the water

Don’t panic, cleaning your hot tub filters is easy and there are multiple ways to clean them. Here are some helpful tips for the best way to clean filters and how often it should be done

When should I clean my hot tub filters:

  • Under normal usage, it is recommended you rinse your filters every two weeks to allow proper flow
  • Every month you should clean your filters completely
  • Replace your filters once a year or as directed

How to clean your filters:

  • Turn the power off at the breaker box and make sure all power is off before going into the spa
  • Remove the cover that is in front of the filter
  • Unscrew each filter with a counter-clockwise motion and remove them one at a time
  • Inspect each filter closely. You should be looking for:
    • Any debris or pieces of material caught in the paper cartridge
    • Also inspect the area in the spa where the filters are screwed into. You may find objects such as jewelry or other floating debris – remove these items immediately
  • Make sure each filter does not have any punctures or holes in them. If they have a hole or punctured, you will need to replace.
  • The easiest and quickest way to clean your filter is to rinse it with a garden hose with a stream nozzle or setting. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHING SYSTEM. This will more than likely rip a hole or tear the filter.
  • Rinse the filter element using a top-to-bottom method. Start at the top of the element and spray vertically and then once completed vertically, it is a good idea to wash the element again horizontally. You should notice a good deal of dirt coming out of the bottom of the filter. Repeat if necessary.
  • We recommend using a filter cleaning solution every three months. There is a variety of spray bottle hot tub filter cleaners you can purchase at your local pool and spa supplies store. Simply spray down your filter, let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse out with clean water. Make sure you rinse the filter element thoroughly. Please note, that using these products will sometimes cause your water to foam or bubble once the spa is started again. This should go away shortly.
  • Every three months we also recommend changing the water in your hot tub. This is also a good time to fully clean your filter and another effective way is by soaking it in a cleaning chemical solution. Dilute the solution with water according to directions and fully submerge the filter. Let it soak for 24 hours and fully rinse the filter with clean water. Note: if you don’t give a thorough rinse of your filter after using a cleaning solution, your hot tub water will be full of foam when you put it in back in.
  • Once you have completed cleaning the filters, install the elements back into the spa. You should first immerse the filters in the spa water, making sure they soaked very well again. Next, install the elements, this should done slowly and carefully, ensuring you don’t strip the threads.
  • Install cover plate that goes in front of the filters and turn power back on.

What not to use to clean your hot tub filters:

No matter how desperate you are to clean your filter because you want to get back in your hot tub, DO NOT USE HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS. Using these cleaners will find you relaxing in a ton of foam and leave you with more maintenance.

Another cleaner you may be tempted to use but need to avoid is bleach. We repeat, DO NOT USE BLEACH. It’s a great cleaning solution for many things and even though your hot tub may look clean if you use it, it will damage the shelf-life of your filter.

Let’s review:
First, don’t stress about cleaning your hot tub filters, as an owner, maintenance is part of the luxury of owning one. Plus, it’s a lot easier than you think.

  • The easiest and most efficient way to clean your filter is to rinse it with a garden hose once a week
  • About every month to 3 months, you should use a spray hot tub cleaning solution with a thorough rinse
  • Every 3 months you should let your filters soak in a cleaning solution for 24 hours
  • Replace your filter every year

Remember, a hot tub is one of the most relaxing toys you could ever have but it’s also an investment. Be sure to take every step in maintaining the quality and health of the water inside it.

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