Hot Tub Tips: Using iONRx® for New Hot Tub Owners

how to fix cloudy water in hot tub with iONRx

We recently had a conversation with an iONRx® customer that we believe will be helpful to those experiencing cloudy water in their new hot tub or spa! When you purchase a new spa, there are many reasons why your water may be appearing cloudy or foamy. Our team of experts are here to help you with your safe water treatment and answer any questions you may have. If you are experiencing cloudy water, you’ll definitely want to check this out:

How to Fix Cloudy Water in Your Hot Tub

CUSTOMER: Hello. I’ve been using iONRx® for about a month and have been super happy because water is so clean and clear. Our spa was a little low on water the other day. I added roughly 50 gallons to it, filtered through an RV water filter. Our water is not softened and I cleaned the filters at this time. I added about 30 oz of iONRx® and chlorine tablets as usual. Now my water is cloudy!

This happened when we were using traditional chemicals before we began your product. The chlorine has been a little on the low side but always has been with no problems. Should chlorine be in the Spa range according to test strips?

iONRx®: Thank you for contacting iONRx®. More than likely your issue is caused by your filters. How old are they? When you clean them that usually will loosen up debris and allow it to get into the piping.

You may also want to bump your chlorine for a few days. Is the PH within normal ranges?

CUSTOMER: Yes. Maybe a little low. The stabilizer is at zero.

iONRx®: It may just be the design of your spa. Sometimes when you clean the filters it actually kicks up some loose debris until the filter can get it out. Not too concerned about stabilizer. iONRx® acts as a natural stabilizer.

When you said this happened before tells us that it is probably mechanical versus chemical.

CUSTOMER: Should I shock the spa or just add more chlorine?

iONRx®: If you have any clarifier would help the most. I wouldn’t too much more chlorine. It may speed up the process a little, but the filtration system is likely your issue.

CUSTOMER: Ok. Should I try and get chlorine to the spa range? I want to use the least amount of chlorine possible.

iONRx®: I wouldn’t go past 1-1.5 ppm. This is more of a filtration issue.

CUSTOMER: Ok. Thank you!

iONRx®: You are welcome. Hot tubs and spas don’t filter very quickly. Give it a little time you will be fine. It sounds like the filters may be old?

CUSTOMER: Our spa is 5 weeks old, so no.

iONRx®: Ok. Are you using well water?

CUSTOMER: No. We have city water.

iONRx: Ok – the last question – is it an efficient filtering hot tub? Meaning they claim it to be energy efficient?

CUSTOMER: I have a Bullfrog Spa Wellspring R8. It filters 24-hours a day.

iONRx®: We would have to look into it. The reason I ask is that the new spas on the market claim to be energy efficient for filtering, but unfortunately they filter very little. When the tub is filtering can you see the water really moving around? Without turning on the jets?

CUSTOMER: No, not a lot. You can see water going into the filter are and small bubbles coming out. Nothing really moving water around

iONRx®: It doesn’t sound like an energy spa. Not a problem – so is mine! I recommend giving it some time. Run the jets a little longer. If it doesn’t get better contact us directly at [email protected] we will keep helping. I believe you will be fine.

CUSTOMER: Ok. Thanks again!

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