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Stop Soaking in Toxic Chemicals. There’s a More Natural Way.

Our patented two-stage, all natural, ultra-low chlorine sanitizer system requires 4 oz. of iONRx per 100 gallons along with tap water levels of chlorine for a hassle free, clear and clean hot tub. Eliminate the cost of tons of chemicals. No more shock, bromine, enzymes, stain or scale! No more allergies, tight skin, red eyes, coughing or sneezing, or rashes. Transform your hot tub to the most enjoyable body of water you’ve ever experienced.

  • Turns even gross water crystal clear!
  • Eliminate harmful bacteria and contaminants, Stabilize pH
  • Used for over 10 years by hospitals and spa professionals 
  • 1 128 FL/OZ Bottle, add once a week, 4 oz. per 100 gallons and a chlorine tablet. The easiest treatment there is.
  • Compatible with all hot tubs, great for people of all skill level, new or experienced.

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The Truth About Bromine and High Levels of Chlorine

The truth about hot tub chemicals is that there are other options than bromine, high levels of chlorine and all the chemicals and work required to keep it all running. iONRx eliminates all that with an all natural sanitizing treatment to turn your spa in the most enjoyable hot tub you’ve ever experienced.

Through our patented technology, we’re able to change the old way of doing things. But let’s be honest, that old way was a terrible system! The truth is that our reactions like asthma, coughing, rashes, and red/dry eye that we experience along with the faded suits and tight skin, are all the result of soaking in excessive amounts of chemicals and toxic fumes. You can smell the fumes coming off of them!

Our goal is to use a few toxic chemicals as possible while maintaining a healthy, safe hot tub. That’s why 1 bottle of chlorine tablets can last as long as a year when everything is working well! We recommend using the Copper Test Kit to help maintain your copper levels to use as little chlorine as possible. For the best results, we recommend the following treatment:

Step #1: Test Water

Prior to Adding iONRX®, you must start with clear, balanced water (pH and alkalinity). If not, drain and refill spa. Once water is balanced, begin iONRx® treatment.

Step #2: Add iONRx®

Add 4 oz. of iONRx® per 100 gallons directly to spa water every week.

Step #3: Choose Oxidizer

Choose which oxidizer you plan on using. An oxidizer is needed in order to keep your water crystal clear. See chart below for appropriate volumes.

Please Note:

  • Maintain chlorine oxidizer levels at 0.5 ppm to 1ppm. Similar to drinking water.
  • In heavier bather load, it may be necessary to add additional oxidizer and iONRx® to achieve desired results.
  • Bromine is NOT recommended when using iONRx®. You may need to refill your hot tub.
  • With the copper test kit, it is possible to use less than this after the first month or two. Again, the key isn’t to use more chlorine to maintain it, but know your copper levels and adjust accordingly.
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