Our patented two-stage, ultra-low chlorine method requires 4 oz. per 100 gallons along with tap water levels of chlorine for the most reliably clear and clean hot tub water you’ve ever had. Eliminate the cost and waste of tons of chemicals. Our philosophy is “less is more”! No more shock, bromine, enzymes, stain and scale – all of that is eliminated!

  • Created for people with a chlorine sensitivity and who don’t like chemicals.
  • 100% Satisfaction – Money back guarantee!
  • Naturally eliminate harmful bacteria and contaminants, Stabilize pH
  • Bromine Alternative, EPA tested natural cleaner that’s as safe as drinking water
  • Used for over 10 years by hospitals and spa professionals 
  • Eliminating rashes, itching, coughing, and sneezing
  • Just add once a week, 4 oz. per 100 gallons
  • Keeps Water Crystal Clear

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