6 Facts About Hot Tub Water Chemistry You Didn’t Know

You have to admit, owning a hot tub is a luxury and there’s nothing quite more relaxing than stepping in the warm bubbly water and releasing the tension from the day. You love it, your family loves, and of course, your friends love coming over to use it. There are many benefits to having a hot tub in your home but there are also big responsibilities.

As great as it would be to open up the cover and step into a clean and clear hot tub every time, it’s just not that easy. There will be days where you check your hot tub water and see that it’s cloudy and even smelly. These signs mean it’s time to clean it. In order to properly clean your hot tub, it’s important to for every hot tub owner to know a thing or two about the chemistry of the water.

Unknown Facts About Hot Tub Water Maintenance

One of the most important things to know is what causes the chemistry levels of the water, such as pH to change. A few unknown facts about hot tub water include:

  1. Unlike a swimming pool, where the average temperature is around 82 degrees, the warmer temperature in a hot tub (average around 103 degrees) makes it more difficult to maintain proper disinfection levels
  2. The warmer temperatures in hot tubs cause more room for bacteria to grow
  3. Products such as lotions, makeup, and sunscreen “eat up” traditional disinfectants (i.e. chlorine) faster, meaning there is less product to kill the bacteria
  4. If three or more people enter a hot tub at the same time, the effectiveness of disinfection levels drop dramatically
  5. The higher temperatures cause chlorine-based water treatment chemicals to “gas off,” leaving it less effective
  6. Hot tubs require more chemicals because they hold a significantly smaller amount of water

As you can see, simple things that you don’t even think about can cause big changes in your water chemistry and leave your hot tub prone to harmful side-effects.

Preventing Water Treatment Issues

To prevent these issues, it’s important to use a water treatment solution like iONRx that isn’t affected by the hot temperatures and keep you enjoying your hot tub longer and without the constant maintenance. iONRx is a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that reduces the levels of harmful chemicals and naturally keeps your water clean. Yes, having a hot tub means having to add more chemicals than a swimming pool but with iONRx, maintenance doesn’t have to be so confusing or difficult anymore.

You won’t have to worry about smelly odors, faded swimsuits, eye and skin irritations, and allergic reactions thanks to iONRx. It works great with very low levels of chlorine (the same amount of chlorine found in drinking water) to help keep your water clear and it’s extremely easy to use – only have to apply it once a week. If you want an even more relaxing experience, quit using a variety of chemicals and see why so many people are switching to iONRx to maintain their hot tub.

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