Why Do I Cough or Sneeze When I am in my Hot Tub? Why Do My Eyes Burn So Much!?

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Have you ever been sitting in your hot tub without a care in the world and all of a sudden you start coughing and sneezing? Do your eyes burn from sitting in the fumes coming off your hot tub?

Unfortunately, this happens more than you think and the cause is typically from the same culprit. A gas called Chloramine.

What is Chloramine?

Chloramine is released from your tub when chlorine is combined with nitrogen and ammonia, all elements that are present in your hot tub. When this happens, it releases the strong chlorine odor you typically smell from a hot tub or swimming pool. This gets in your eyes, down your throat, and into your lungs.

Why is it in my Hot Tub?

There are a variety of factors that cause Chloramine to gas off and “hover” over the waterline. Chloramine gases can form when there are contaminants added to the water, this happens when people get in the hot tub and any skin and hair products, lotion, sunscreen, sweat, etc get released into the water.

Chloramine gases can also form because of interaction with other compounds found in traditional sanitation methods, such as using chlorine, bromine, and chlorine-free shock tablets. High concentrations of traditional chlorine-based sanitation methods along with higher water temperatures and “jetted” water movement/bubbles also cause the emission of Chloramine gases.

The Dangers of Chloramine

Not only does Chloramine smell bad, it also can cause harmful repertory side effects. I can make your eyes burn, make your skin itch, give you rashes, make you cough and sneeze and feel otherwise terrible. Some people, including my daughter, actually have allergies to these chemicals. That’s why we created iONRx.

Here’s the deal, as the gas hovers above the water line, anyone in the hot tub will be exposed to the gas and will breathe it in. The Chloramine gas contains evaporated chemicals that can be inhaled and cause irritation to the respiratory tract, which causes throat irritation, coughing, and sneezing. Other side effects may include watery eyes and skin irritation.

There you have it, the next time you start feeling a throat irritation, coughing, and sneezing, it’s because Chloramine gas has been released from any of the above factors.

How Do You Remove Chloramine?

It’s not as hard as you think to control the amount of Chloramine in your hot tub. You can shock your hot tub with a quality granular chlorine or oxidizing compound weekly to help prevent the formation of more Chloramine. Although using such chemicals can help reduce Chloramine gas, be sure to follow instructions on using the proper amount so more gas doesn’t gas off.

Use iONRx for a Safer, Cleaner Hot Tub

When it comes to maintaining a hot tub, there are a lot of different ways to do it but there is only one all-natural hot tub treatment solution that requires little maintenance and helps reduce up to 90% of the use of harmful chemicals. iONRx is a revolutionary hot tub cleaner that requires only the lowest amount of chlorine (same amount found in drinking water) to help oxidize the water and does NOT emit any harmful gases when combined with other compounds.

When you typically use chlorine and other sanitizers to treat your hot tub water, it’s more prone to release the harmful Chloramine gas because it encounters other contaminants and the ammonia and nitrogen. iONRx is eco-friendly, non-toxic and will help reduce the chances of you breathing in Chloramine. If you want to safely treat your hot tub water, order iONRx today!

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