What Makes iONRx Different?

Utilizing Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Technology

Ever since iONRx was released to the general public we get the question all the time “what makes iONRx different than other alternative products? The answer is somewhat complex but we would like to explain what makes iONRx the best natural hot tub treatment.

Copper-containing compounds, including cupric hydroxide, copper sulfate pentahydrate, and various formulations were among the first “biocides” used in a variety of applications, mostly in agricultural. Although these products are very useful for algae control in various applications, such as ponds, lakes, and swimming pools, their efficacy for bacteria is extremely low and not very cost effective.

Effectiveness Backed By Extensive Research

There has been significant research that shows that the free ionic form of copper, versus total copper, is extremely effective at killing a wide variety of bacteria making it a safe water treatment solution. The problem is that formulation of the free ionic form of copper at levels over 5 ppm is extremely difficult, which makes this method very costly. Well, that is until now and the development of iONRx! The basis of iONRx’s patented formula has re-written the “theory”. Research conducted by UC Berkley, Florida Gulf Coast University, Youngstown State University, and independent labs have tested the relationship of Free Ionic Copper and Toxicity to Bacteria in solutions of organic compounds. Here’s what they discovered about natural hot tub treatment:

  • The Free Ionic form of Copper was the only toxic form of copper that was proven effective in killing bacteria. Other forms of copper compounds showed extremely low efficacy to bacteria.
  • Free Ionic Copper showed over 300 times the effectiveness of killing bacteria than any other form of copper compounds that were tested.
  • Between 96% to 99.8% of the total amount of copper in a Total Copper Compound was bound and no longer in a free ionic form and toxicity to bacteria was low to nonexistent.

What Makes iONRx Different?

The best part of iONRx is that for something that is so complicated to develop, it is the easiest natural hot tub treatment to use!

So, if anyone says that they have something that is similar to iONRx you will know that they are just trying to sell you snake oil. Our team has put in the time and effort to develop the safest, reliable, easy to use, and eco-friendly spa treatment period!

  • iONRx’s patented formula has a free ionic copper that is over 100 times greater than any previous utilization of copper compounds
  • iONRx is over 96% free copper ions versus Total compound copper
  • iONRx has received CAT IV clearance from the EPA, meaning that it is considered as safe as water. So safe, that no warning label is required.

iONRx Has Been Tested and Proven to Reduce Chemicals You Use in Maintaining and Sanitizing Your Hot Tub or Spa.

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