Natural Hot Tub Sanitizing Treatment

Stop Soaking in Toxic Fumes
Works on ALL Hot Tubs, Any Size
Eliminate Rashes, Bad Reactions

Natural Hot Tub Sanitizing Treatment

Stop Soaking in Toxic Fumes
Easily Maintain Crystal Clear Water
Eliminate Rashes, Bad Reactions

Our patented two-stage, ultra-low chlorine method requires 4 oz. per 100 gallons along with tap water levels of chlorine for the most reliably clear and clean hot tub water you’ve ever enjoyed.

Eliminate the cost and waste of tons of chemicals. No more shock, bromine, enzymes, stain and scale – all of that is eliminated! Zero chemical smell and no itchy skin, rashes, sneezing coughing or breathing in harmful chemicals. All with less work and crystal clear water.

Used commercially by spa professionals, hospitals and sports teams for over 10 years and now available for residential spas.

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Crystal Clear Water
Easy Maintenance

  • Easy to use in 3 easy steps
  • Just add iONRx with tap water levels of chlorine
  • Saves money over time
  • Don’t fuss with tons of chemicals
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Compatible with All Hot Tubs
Easy Maintenance for Crystal Clear Water

Works with Everything from Inflatable to 1200+ Gallon Hot Tubs

Step #1: Test Water

Prior to Adding iONRX®, you must start with clear, balanced water (pH and alkalinity). If not, drain and refill spa. Once water is balanced, begin iONRx® treatment.

Step #2: Add iONRx®

Add 4 oz. of iONRx® per 100 gallons directly to spa water every week.

Step #3: Choose Oxidizer

Choose which oxidizer you plan on using. Oxidizer is needed in order to keep your water crystal clear. See chart below for appropriate volumes.

OxidizerUp to 250 GallonsUp to 500 GallonsUp to 750 Gallons
Trichlor Tablets (Use Floater)1 x 1-inch Tablet per Week1-2 x 1-inch Tablets per Week2 x 1-inch Tablets per Week
Dichlor Granular1 Tablespoon per Week2-3 Tablespoons per Week2-3 Tablespoons per Week

Dose once a week. Heavier use requires more use of iONRx.

iONRx® is compatible with ALL hot tubs but not all chemicals. It is not recommended to use bromine with iONRx, but who needs it? You may need to empty your tub and refill it. You’ll never look back or be happy in another hot tub or spa again.

Once you’ve added your iONRx just throw in a tablet of chlorine for clarity and you’re all set.

Pro Tip

You'll know when to add more chlorine if the water turns cloudy. If the water is crystal clear then just top off with a little iONRx and you're good to go! It's just that easy.
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The truth about the hot tub chemicals required to maintain a hot tub is that there is a better more modern way. Through the use of our patented technology, we’re able to change the hot tub treatment industry. The truth is that our reactions like asthma, coughing, rashes, and red/dry eye that we experience along with the faded suits and tight skin, are all the result of soaking in excessive amounts of chemicals and toxic fumes. Bromine is a dangerous, toxic chemical and so are the large quantities of chlorine previously associated with pools and spas. You can smell it coming off of them!! It’s gross!

But there’s a BETTER, ALL NATURAL WAY. Make your hot tub the most natural, enjoyable body of water you’ll ever experience with less work and less chemicals.


The iONRx® Advantage

No more burning eyes, itchy or tight skin, rashes, coughs or any bad reactions

You can enjoy your hot tub and not have the sensation of burning eyes or any of those other bad reactions like rashes or burning skin. This is all the result of soaking in excessive amounts of chemicals and toxic fumes. The truth is that dry, itchy skin and the bad reactions that can occur are all caused by chlorine/bromine exposure. Bromine is a dangerous, toxic chemical and so are the large quantities of chlorine previously associated with pools and spas. You can smell it coming off of them!! But THERE’S A NEW WAY WITH iONRx.

Stabilizes pH

By reducing the use of chemicals and levels of bromine and chlorine in your hot tub, iONRx keeps the pH levels in your water stable.

Safe for Pets and Plants!

When we say harmless, we mean it! Our eco-friendly formula is the best hot tub chemical for sensitive skin and keeps everything you love safe and sound.

Low maintenance

Simply apply iONRx® once a week! Compare that to other chlorine and non-chlorine shock tablets that need to be added 5X a week.

Works great in all weather conditions

Our high-temperature formula is not affected by changing weather conditions and is specially formulated for the high temperatures typically used in hot tubs.


You can spend more time relaxing in your hot tub or spa as iONRx® reduces the levels of chlorine and eliminates the use of bromine completely. Both are very corrosive and can lead to seals and equipment failing at a much faster pace. If you have an indoor hot tub or swim spa, you will notice that chlorine off-gassing is eliminated which will drastically or completely eliminate corrosion of household components, such as switches and fixtures. Likewise, iONRx® is the best hot tub chemical for blowup or inflatable hot tub.

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Did You Know?

  • iONRx® is used by municipalities, hospitals and pools across the country.
  • iONRx® has been used commercially for over a decade and is now available for residential hot tubs.
  • iONRx® has received CAT IV clearance from the EPA, meaning that it is considered as safe as drinking water.
  • Bromine and chlorine can cause asthma, bronchitis, and hair and skin damage.
  • 60% of chemicals that come in contact with your skin will go directly into your bloodstream.
  • Bromine and high levels of chlorine are corrosive to hot tub and spa equipment.
  • When the pH goes higher, which occurs in most hot tubs, chlorine becomes almost totally ineffective.
  • By using Free Ionic Copper in our solution, your spa will stay sanitized longer.
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“No eye or skin irritation, no bromine smell, and best of all no need to shower after!”
– Cheri G.

Why Use iONRx®?

Because hot tub maintenance shouldn’t mean handling large amounts of harsh, toxic chemicals that affect your health. iONRx® is a patented solution that gives you the only non-toxic, water treatment solution that uses a Natural Antibacterial Agent to sanitize your water and reduce the use of toxic chemicals such as of chlorine and bromine in your hot tub by 90%. (We actually recommend never using bromine.)

iONRx® has been given CAT IV designation from the EPA for being NON-TOXIC and is considered as safe as drinking water. Plus, since you only have to apply it once a week, iONRx® is highly cost-effective compared to other spa chemicals you buy.

Cleaner, safer water without spending a fortune, what’s not to like?

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What is Free Ionic Copper?

Free Ionic Copper is a natural and highly-effective antibacterial agent. Why do they call it “Free?” Because it is not bound to any other elements and is “free” to aggressively seek out and effectively kill a wide variety of bacteria compared to every other form of copper and copper-based product. Since it’s just copper is free of nasty chemicals, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive skin, making it the best hot tub option! Learn more about the what makes iONRx® different:

The iONRx Difference

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“The water is clearer, the smells are gone, my skin doesn’t itch anymore, and it’s easy!”
– Kim S.

Over 10 Years of Safe Water Treatment

iONRx® has been sold commercially for over 10 years to local pool builders and maintenance companies throughout Southwest Florida. In 2016, George and his wife noticed that their daughter had developed hives and was itchy after playing in a hot tub. To prevent the allergic reactions, George altered the AquaCop formula for warm water applications for hot tubs and iONRx® was developed!

About iONRx®

Our mission is to give you an innovative, natural water treatment product that provides a safe, long-lasting, enjoyable experience every time you get in your hot tub or spa. Our team knows the hassle and time constraints that go into everyday hot tub maintenance, not to mention that the most popular way to do it is to use harmful levels of chlorine and chemicals. iONRx® has been used commercially for over a decade but is now available for residential hot tubs.

The problem is that most people are unaware of what they’re putting in their hot tub and don’t think about the consequences. Many people get allergic reactions or other illnesses from excessive chlorine and bromine exposure. Not to mention, high levels of both can cause swimsuits to smell and fade, and cause your skin feels like it’s shrink wrapped every time you get out.

At the end of the day, a hot tub is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, not dangerous to our health. This is what drove us to create iONRx®. We gathered a group of water treatment experts and scientists to create a product that reduces the use of all these toxic chemicals and gives you the peace of mind knowing there is a natural, non-toxic hot tub water treatment product. It’s time you stop wasting your money on hot tub treatment that is toxic to your health and sometimes ineffective! Switch to iONRx®, the natural hot tub maintenance solution. True innovation in hot tub treatment has finally arrived!

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“The Starter Kit was easy to use and really useful to get my new hot tub up and running.”
– Rosellen G.

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iONRx® Powered by AquaCop

Natural | Eco-Friendly | Low Maintenance | Harmless on Skin and Eyes | Zero Odor

Imagine relaxing in your hot tub without smelling or soaking in harmful chlorine or bromine gas, having your swimsuit smell terrible, or immediately having to shower right after you get out. Worse yet, the itching, sneezing or coughing you can get from bad reactions.

Our patented solution, iONRx® is the first natural eco-friendly, non-toxic hot tub sanitizing solution that makes water maintenance easier than ever before. If you are looking for the best chemical for hot tubs, trust in iONRx® to keep your spa naturally clean.