Alternative Sanitizer to Bromine For Your Hot Tub

For as long as we can remember, bromine or chlorine-based products have commonly been used to treat the water in your hot tub or spa. Chlorine acts as both a sanitizer killing bacteria and an oxidizer of contaminants. The down-side of chlorine is that it is unstable, especially in high-temperature environments and it releases a harmful gas called chloramine.

Chloramine is a derivative of ammonia and chances are you have breathed in chloramine when relaxing in a hot tub. How do you know? You know that strong and foul aroma you typically smell when getting into a hot tub or swimming pool or the burning sensation in your nostrils? That’s chloramine, which is one of the leading causes of asthma in spas and indoor pools. This is what iONRx® helps eliminate.

iONRx® Sanitizes and Requires Little Use of Chlorine

We are not trying to tell you using chlorine is the worst thing imaginable. As we mentioned, chlorine can both sanitize and oxidize the water but the problem is that many people use too muchchlorine. Especially in the high-temperature environments of hot tubs or spas, chlorine can quickly burn off and to maintain consistent treatment, most people simply fill up their chlorine floating device until it goes empty. This causes the chlorine levels to reach very dangerous levels.

With iONRx®, our patented and revolutionary technology uses Free Ionic Copper to safely sanitize the water. This means that your water will be safe from dangerous bacteria, but will require an oxidizer to maintain optimal water clarity. Therefore, we recommend using an ultra-low level of chlorine to serve only as an oxidizer. Using low amounts of chlorine provides the continuous clarity you want, with iONRx® maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Simply apply iONRx® once a week – it’s that easy!

iONRx® is the smartest and safest way to clean your hot tub. Use it today and experience a whole new hot tub experience!

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How Safe is iONRx®?

  • Non-corrosive
  • Effective in all weather conditions, and specifically designed for warmer water
  • Eliminates eye, ear, and skin irritations
  • Safe to handle and use around pets and plants
  • EPA tested and approved to be as safe as drinking water
  • Independently lab and university tested. iONRX® has shown to be highly effective at killing and controlling bacteria such as E. Coli, Staph, and MRSA.
  • Non-toxic
  • Stabilizes pH
  • No more fading swimsuits

Why Is It Important to Lower Levels of Chlorine? 

Although chlorine-based products, such as bromine is commonly used to treat and clean hot tubs and pools, there are many dangers that come with its usage. One of the biggest concerns of using this chemical is the health risks involved because it is toxic to handle and highly reactive.

Many people do not realize that chlorine is a bleaching agent that is commonly found in household cleaners. You wouldn’t directly handle household cleaners with your hands, and you shouldn’t directly handle chlorine or chlorine-based products either because they are known carcinogens. Studies indicate that there is a correlation between chlorine being absorbed through the skin and certain types of cancers.

Additionally, chlorine is not a stable chemical. When used in high-temperature environments, such as a hot tub with a water temperature of 900F or hotter, chlorine begins to ‘gas off’, meaning it omits a chlorine gas and odor. This gas is harmful to breathe and reduces the levels of chlorine in your spa, requiring you to add more hot tub chemicals, making it difficult to maintain stable pH levels

iONRx®, works best with low levels of chlorine and helps eliminate those dangerous side-effects that cause skin and eye irritations, allergic reactions, disgusting odor, and damage to equipment.  It’s important to lower the levels of chlorine in your spa to reduce the health risks associated with the chemicals.

Try iONRx® today – Nature’s remedy for a healthy hot tub treatment solution.

iONRx Has Been Tested and Proven to Reduce Chemicals You Use in Maintaining and Sanitizing Your Hot Tub or Spa.

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