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    ionrx solution and copper test kit

    Advanced Copper Kit

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    This kit is for people who have been using iONRx for or about 4-5 weeks. That is the necessary time for enough copper to build up to a level you can test it reliably. If you are new to iONRx, we recommend buying one of our starter kits or buying the gallon and using your own oxidizer. Once you've used iONRx at the recommended 4oz/100 gallons for a month without any issues, you can start testing your water to scale back on how much iONRx you need to use.  
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    graph showing the time it took to kill e.coli in hot tub iONRx® Powered by AquaCop 1

    iONRx® Powered by AquaCop

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    Stop Soaking in Toxic Chemicals. There's a More Natural Way.

    Patented two-stage, all natural, ultra-low chlorine sanitizer system requires 4 oz. of iONRx per 100 gallons along with tap water levels of chlorine for a hassle free, clear and clean hot tub. No more allergies, tight skin, red eyes, coughing or sneezing, or rashes. Transform your hot tub to the most enjoyable body of water you've ever experienced.
    • Naturally eliminate harmful bacteria and contaminants, Stabilize pH
    • As safe as tap water
    • No more shock, bromine, enzymes, stain or scale
    • Used for over 10 years by hospitals and spa professionals 
    • 1 128 FL/OZ Bottle, add once a week, 4 oz. per 100 gallons
    • Compatible with all hot tubs, great for people of all skill level, new or experienced
  • iONRx® Starter Kit 2

    iONRx® Starter Kit

    Retail Price: $95.97 - $107.46

    Stop Soaking in Toxic Chemicals. There’s a More Natural Way.

  • Copper Test Kit

    Our test kit is a great way to lower the amount of chemicals needed for proper hot tub maintenance and to stay safe while also reducing your costs. It has a simple color chart kit for measuring Copper from 0.05 to 1.0 ppm. Eight color standards are provided on the chart. Economical and easy-to-use.